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Our two cover stars, Grace Jones and FKA twigs, are the perfect mix of an idea we're calling "Nowstalgia," or the ways we can look into the past to see what the future will be and create, reinterpret, and remix old ideas into something thrillingly new. Both complete originals, Jones continues to inspire successive generations with her unyielding commitment to her art and individuality while twigs has emerged as one of the most exciting young artists in music today with her mix of R&B, modern dance and stage shows that are reminiscent of East Village performance art while remaining entirely fresh and innovative.

In the issue…

  • Featuring cover stars Grace Jones and FKA twigs
  • Legends of Hip-Hop: Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Swizz Beatz pay tribute to rap's lost leaders, Tupac, Eazy-E and the Notorious B.I.G.
  • The Death of Print Photography: David LaChapelle talks to Steve Sasson, who invented the digital camera for Eastman Kodak and ultimately drove the iconic company out of business
  • Days of Future Past: Legendary science fiction author William Gibson talks to musician EMA about how he was able to predict things like cyberspace
  • Reserved: Manolo Blahnik catches up with Mr. Mickey and explains how Sarah Jessica Parker was a Cinderella for his business
  • 100 Years of New York Nightlife: Writers explore the changing customs -- and enduring trends -- of after-hours fun in the Naked City
  • Tombstones on Tumblr: We take a look at the resting places of icons from Marilyn Monroe to Karl Marx through the lens of the number one place the past collides with the present and the future -- Tumblr
  • Black Lives Matter: Famed artist Kehinde Wiley shoots a fashion spread inspired by the #BlackLivesMatter movement featuring exclusively models and designers of color
All this and much, much more (Paula Abdul! Carrie Brownstein! Larry Kramer! YACHT! Jello Fashion! Amandla Stenberg!) in our newest issue.