Break The Internet Issue 2014

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This issue is a COLLECTORS ITEM!
Our 2014 Art Issue is an art project in and of itself, in which we explore, deconstruct and obsess over the theme of attention: BREAK THE INTERNET.

Pairing Kim Kardashian with the legendary photographer Jean-Paul Goude was the kickoff. Like it or not, Kardashian is a Hyper-Pop-Culture-Icon-Institution. She understands fame and popularity as if it were coded in her DNA. Goude popped the cork on what makes her an icon: it is not just her ass, but her willingness to give us 100 percent.

  • James Franco hosts #MakeJamesDo, a Google+ Hangout in which he does anything his fans tell him. 0_0. Inside the issue he's created a hunky 32-page selfie calendar. 365 of James, James, James.
  • The Fat Jew launches his campaign for President of the Internet.
  • Tim and Eric dress up in the most amazing drag.
  • Snoop Dogg talks to us about his new career as a painter.
  • Aubrey Plaza makes prank calls.
  • Cameron Dallas models like a total stud.
  • Just about every blogger, Tweeter, YouTuber and Insta-pet create and collaborate with us.
So here it is. If you like it, share it, tweet about it, take a picture of it, tag it (#BreakTheInternet). If you don’t like it, post that too. It will only make us more famous.